We at YBS think it’s important to get a perspective about social media promotions from professionals outside of the social media.  Here are some great ideas about how to your LinkedIn profile can help generate discovery and leads.

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Article originally posted by By Janis Peiser for GPCCPA.com.

LinkedIn is, unquestionably, the number one social media platform for professionals. If you’re in the commercial real estate (CRE) field and don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you need one. It’s a safe assumption that potential clients seeking a CRE broker or developer use LinkedIn to vet potential partners and confirm their legitimacy.

Beyond that, though, many lucrative deals are initially sparked by a shared connection — an introduction. CRE is about relationships. LinkedIn facilitates networking; it is a way to expedite the six degrees of separation theory and find someone you know who can introduce you to someone you want to know.

Creating a LinkedIn profile is an important first step, but, it’s only the first step. You’ll get out of LinkedIn as much as you put into it. Here are five ways to make this powerful tool work for you.

Grow Your Network

LinkedIn is only as valuable as the volume and quality of your LinkedIn network. Sow the seeds of success by ensuring that your network consists of existing clients, day-to-day business contacts, vendors, colleagues, friends, and potential tenants and buyers you’ve communicated with in the past. (It’s an unspoken faux pas to seek to connect on LinkedIn with people you’ve never met or to whom you’ve never spoken. That’s what LinkedIn is for: to identify someone you do know who can introduce you to someone you would like to know.)

Join and Participate in Groups

LinkedIn is like a community of professionals, and the community includes neighborhoods or groups where professionals in similar industries congregate. Without a doubt, you should join CRE-specific networking groups (examples include CRE Investment, Development & Property Management group, the CRE Network, and CRE Professionals & Investors group). You should also join groups whose memberships would likely include potential clients.

Collect and Showcase Kudos

Positive reviews, testimonials from happy clients, and five-star ratings all boost your credibility and bolster your reputation. To get them, you need to ask. When was the last time you took the time to post an unsolicited testimonial about a great experience you had? Most people are more than happy to oblige but won’t think to post a review on your LinkedIn page — until you politely ask them to.

Increase Your Visibility by Posting Often

Each time you post a relevant article, video or photo, your profile shows up in your connections’ feeds. Use this visibility to cement your position as an industry expert. Make sure the content you post is valuable, intriguing and newsworthy to your target audience. Insider information is especially valuable. Share your news first on LinkedIn and generate a buzz, whether you’ve just inked a deal for a flagship hotel, sold a dilapidated apartment complex that will become a new condo complex or broken ground on a new entertainment venue. Case studies and specifics on recently closed deals also make intriguing content.

Evaluate Your Progress with LinkedIn’s Analytics Tools

If what you’re doing is working, stick with it. If it’s not working, it’s time to reverse course. LinkedIn’s analytics tools help you determine where you stand. Use them to track how many followers you have and whether you’re adding new ones at a steady pace, how many click-throughs you’re getting from your LinkedIn page to your website, and where most of your leads are originating.

Residential real-estate agents have long used social media to generate leads. They’re unabashedly forward about self-promoting and seeking referrals. LinkedIn is the ideal platform for CRE professionals to dip their toes into the world of social media. It’s dignified, respected, and it generates tangible results.

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