How to Create Strong Passwords that You Can Remember the Quick and Easy Way

How to create strong passwords that are hard to crack but still possible to remember. Long, random combinations of various types of characters provide resistance to hacking but are cumbersome to use. So various schemes for constructing strong passwords that are more easily remembered abound. In this tip, I point out a website that will make it easier for you.


The site is called Password Savvy. It is free and requires no registration. It is an online page where you can generate useful but hard-to-hack passwords. A partial view of the page is shown in the figure above. It’s simple to use. Enter two unrelated words or phrases, click a button to add some capitals and other kinds of symbols, and you have a password. Click another button and it is pasted to the clipboard.

And there you have it – a way to generate useful passwords, that is about as easy as you can get.