How to work with flawed technology

Wasn’t technology supposed to make our lives easier? simpler? Sure we can get more done fast with a computer and desktop publishing application than we could with the old IBM Selectric. But now there are viruses, printer jams, and other fun things we have been introduced to.

Here are a few Tips to help you get through another day, with maybe a little less stress.

Tip #1: Rebooted Yet?

If your computer seems to have an attitude today (or any other day for that matter), before you get upset or frustrated with it, try to recall when was the last time you rebooted. If you cannot remember or it was more than 24 hours ago, then reboot your machine (Properly!)

Click the Windows Button on your screen, then the arrow pointing right next to where it says Shut Down. If it already says Restart, then click it.

If your issue continues after a reboot, then call the Helpdesk.

Dogbert tech support

Tip #2: Slow Phone?

If your phone is slow to respond to you, remember you should close as many apps as you can.

From Apple, double click the Home button and clear all the red minus buttons.

For Andriod, download and or run your App Killer and select KILL select apps. Make sure you select all!