How to Deal With a Negative Coworker: Negativity Matters

Some people exude negativity. They don’t like their jobs or they don’t like their company. Their bosses are always jerks and they are always treated unfairly. The company is always going down the tube and customers are worthless.

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Small and medium sized businesses can’t afford inefficient human resource processes. We help those businesses efficiently manage their human resources, solve talent problems, and improve HR processes.

About Us

Your Business Solutions delivers solutions, but never leads with them. Instead, we dig deep into your organization’s needs, goals and challenges, then help you identify and implement the processes and programs you need to excel.

Common Issues in Human Resources

Your Business Solutions are expert in understanding the issues that face small and medium sized businesses.

Issues like these:

Outsourcing can be a net benefit to any company, with potential cost savings and increased capabilities. But flawed process implementation, poor vendor selection, or simple cultural differences can lead to errors, budgeted costs, and poor outcomes. Learn how our Process Improvement Strategies can help your business navigate these pitfalls, and other potential process improvement quagmires.
If your company has no diversity policy, or does work in the public sector, you have a critical business need to be in compliance. Many companies, large and small, run into trouble by treating these issues as simple common sense, when, in fact, common sense approaches may lead to wildly non-compliant outcomes. Learn how our Coaching and Organizational Development Team can help make your business a leader in diversity and anti-discrimination practices.

Custom Solutions

YBS Human Resources provides skilled project managers to bring in HR projects on time and under budget. Our extensive experience includes HR program development, application implementation, IT projects, merger & acquisition or business realignment integrations, vendor selection and roll-outs, and many other projects with timelines ranging from weeks, to quarters, to multi-year. Contact us to learn how we can meet your project management need.
Companies live and die by their talent. Attracting the right talent is both art and science. YBS Human Resources can help you with both. We can offer strategic insight into your current sourcing strategies, and offer actionable improvements, or completely new approaches, to improve the quality of candidate you’re able to attract and retain. We provide expertise in Human Capital Planning, Employee Branding, Employer Value Proposition, Process Improvement and Design, and Candidate Experience / On-boarding strategies. Contact us to start a conversation about how we can help you raise the bar on talent acquisition to your company.
Finding talent is only the first part of building a business on great employees. Keeping the employees you attract is the key to long term excellence. YBS Human Resources can help you examine the company culture, identify the key drivers of employee loyalty in your workplace, and design policies that keep your employees thrilled to work there, and work at their top potential. We’ll create sound processes that include technology solutions, metrics and performance data, along with market compensation intelligence. Contact us to begin your assessment.
If employees are the heart of every great company, the processes by which employees are motivated, managed, and rewarded are the lifeblood that keeps them moving. YBS Human Resources has a particular expertise with human resources process improvement, and identify which processes most critically need to be improved, the benefits of improving them, and how to go about it. We’ll even provide the experts to do it for you. Contact us to schedule your HR Audit now.
Change is never ending. For human resources, that means implementing new applications, new benefit plans, integrating business acquisitions, and adapting to changing workplace culture. Effective change management can make the difference between meaningful change that impacts bottom line profits, and quagmires that drag on and drive down employee morale. Contact YBS Human Resources for expert assistance in change management that will minimize disruption and maximize productivity. Contact us to get started.
Human resources mean people, and people make the most of their potential when they’ve got meaningful support, guidance and leadership. YBS Human Resources can help your people reach their potential through leadership development, coaching and assessments, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and subject area specific training. Our programs drive executive presence and communication, accelerate the development of high-potential individuals, and build leadership skills for managers, executives and owners. Contact YBS Human Resources to learn how to get the most out of your people.

About Us

Your Business Solutions is an organization of HR experts who lead with the questions, not answers. Every business faces it unique challenges, has it’s own culture, and has a personal relationship with its customers. We get to know the business and understand what makes it tick.

So instead of one-size-fits-all solutions, Your Business Solutions clients get personalized strategies for improving their HR processes, hiring and retaining talent, and proactively managing change in a way that keeps the business running smoother and stronger than ever.

Because there’s no BS at Your Business Solutions: just usable strategies that solve your business problems.

Case Studies

Process Improvement – LOA Headaches
A broken benefits administration program costs big money. Learn how we turned this liability into an asset. [Learn More]

Process Improvement – Records Management QC
Oversights governance processes lead to a quagmire in document management. Learn how we pulled them out of it. [Learn More]

Process Improvement – Expat Payroll
Critical failures stemming from an incomplete migration created widespread employee pain. Learn how we restored confidence and sweep the pain away. [Learn More]

Change Management – Creating Demand from Resistance
A paper based timesheet process was a management nightmare. Learn how we got the whole company behind the implemented change. [Learn More]

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