An Overview of iOS 9

As of 16th September, Apple devices began getting the free update of its new OS, iOS 9. The following devices are eligible for iOS 9:

• iPhone 4S onwards
• iPad 2 onwards
• iPod touch 5th generation

Let’s look at the overall changes, improvements, features, and more that come with this update.

Visual Changes

The UI has been given no major change. It’s pretty much the same, especially on iPhones. The major visual changes include the new font (titled San Francisco), a keyboard update, new design on the Recent Apps switcher, and redesigned Notification Center. The Recent Apps switcher now features a flowing cards design whereas the Notification bar sets notifications by time and date rather than by app as was the case in iOS 8.

New Features

• Go Back: Allows users to switch between apps without pressing Home or going to the Recent Apps. This is a small back button that essentially appears within apps and lets you go back to the app or page you were on before. • Photo Navigation: Navigate through photos and select photos more easily. Click a photo and have thumbnails of other photos on the lower screen. Select a photo and swipe through thumbnails to select more. • Contact Picture Thumbnail: In Messages, find thumbnail pictures of your contacts. • Automatic Music Launch: Plug in earphones and tada! You’re at the Music app.


Battery has always been the complaint of many users and Apple says the new update lets you squeeze in up to 3 hours of more battery life by improved “under the hood” performance. However, using it allows you to notice only about an hour more of battery life rather than up to 3. Thankfully, the iOS 9 update also lets you see what apps are consuming how much of battery so you can close them to save battery life. Additionally, you now have Low Power Mode for extra juice.

Sir: Made to Inform

The new changes to Siri and Apple predictive features are made to make users more informed and efficient. Now instead of swiping down and entering your search term, Siri tries to give the needed stuff without any effort from the user. Swiping from Home Screen takes you to Siri, where you find suggested contacts and apps that are there based on your recent usage. You also get news headlines, shortcuts to places in your vicinity, calendar events, and traffic notifications immediately.


We are very pleased with Apple’s lastest release of it’s iOS Platform. Stay tuned for additional information about the iOS update and how they might affect you in your business.