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In today’s fast-paced and high-risk business environment, successful businesses recognize the importance of having an information security leader. An experienced information security leader can be the difference between a company with a strong, decisive IT security posture and one that is regularly compromised by cyberattacks, leading to work stoppage, theft, and more. Without good security leadership, you risk becoming an organization that merely responds to information security threats instead of being a proactive, highly defensive one.

A major problem for many SMBs regarding security leadership is that this level of expertise and experience comes at a steep price. Most small and medium businesses understandably hesitate to hire an infosec officer because they tend to command high salaries, which do not fit within a small-business setting.

This is why many businesses turn to Your Business Solutions for our Virtual Chief Security Officer (vCSO) service. This service allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of having a CISO — such as developing and deploying a smart and robust IT security strategy, advanced threat and risk analysis, and boardroom-level IT communications — without having to shell out large monthly salaries.

When you sign up for our vCSO services, you’ll experience:

  • Proactive security – Our aim is to help your business anticipate threats instead of responding to them after they attack your IT networks.
  • Threat intelligence – You’ll get recommendations on advanced threat intelligence tools and practices available across different budgets.
  • Risk analysis – We’ll give you expert insight about threats that will help you make better decisions for your business’s long-term survivability.
  • Boardroom-level discussion – Effectively communicate business security risk and outcomes to your investors and business partners.
  • Security accountability and visibility – Get security structure with visibility across your entire organization and have the tools to keep everyone in your organization accountable to your security plans.

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