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City of Dallas Held to Ransom Attack by Royal

By now many people have heard about the Ransom attack on the City of Dallas. But if you haven't here is the short version of the story.

Monday, May 1st, 2023, the cybercrime syndicate Royal successfully infiltrated the City of Dallas' IT infrastructure using a Ransomware Attack.

Cybersecurity in the Digital Age: Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats

As the world becomes increasingly digital, cyber threats are becoming a major concern for businesses of all sizes. According to Gartner research, by 2025, 60% of organizations will use cybersecurity risk as a significant determinant in conducting third-party transactions and business engagements. This means that businesses must take proactive measures to protect their systems, data, and customers from cyberattacks.

Breaking Bad Habits – 4 Ways Your Employees Are Putting Your Business At Risk Of Cyber-Attack

A couple years ago, TechRepublic ran a story with the following headline: “Employees Are Almost As Dangerous To Business As Hackers And Cybercriminals.” From the perspective of the business, you might think that’s simply inaccurate. Your company strives to hire the best people it can find – people who are good at their jobs and would never dream of putting their own employeratrisk.

Dropped Call: How Green Buildings Kill Cellphone Service.

March 11th, 2021

How the two can coexist.

As we continue to grow in our understanding of the planet, we call home, including what harms it versus what helps it stay healthy, how we approach life continually changes. Advances in technology are often the driving forces behind these changes, touching everything from shipping logistics to the efficiency of your car.