Small Businesses are the #1 Target for Cybercrimes: Here’s What You Can Do

It’s a common thought that the smaller the business, the less chance or likelihood that cybercrime will occur.

That thought process doesn’t just sprout from someone’s imagination, it’s born out of a very honest question that most small businesses consider—"we’re just a small business, so why would cybercriminals care about or bother with us in the first place?”

Unfortunately, small businesses are considered the #1 target for cybercrimes and attacks.

The #1 Mistake Companies Make With Their IT

If you’re like many businesses today, there’s a good chance you’ve made this one mistake with your IT security: you don’t budget for it.

Or if you do budget for it, it’s not enough to really protect your business.

Time and time again, business owners decide NOT to invest in IT services.