How to Be Unhackable — Understanding Freedom from the Web in a Cyber World

November 12th, 2020
How to Be Unhackable — Understanding Freedom from the Web in a Cyber World

Ask yourself an important question—are you prepared to protect yourself, your business, and yourprecious data in a cyber world?

Keeping our privacy in a cyber world has never been harder—everything is being logged, so much can be exposed, and it feels impossible to secure every connection, permission, and access to all of our sensitive data. To top it off, it feels hugely overwhelming when we’re tasked with the job of figuring out if our environments are unstable and untrustworthy when our information is constantly being tracked and stored.

Feeling panicked after reading that? You’re not alone. Protecting ourselves against technological innovations isn’t as complicated or scary as you might think.

Firstly, remember that technology is only a tool — and like with any tool, the operator needs to use caution by understanding how that tool works. If, as the operator, we don’t, then we let that tool rule our lives. No one wants to live that way, right?

Rebalancing our relationships with technology is the key to the puzzle. That’s exactly what we’re here to provide. This article, ideally, should serve to act as an education of a digital landscape that scares us to help provide insight, advice, and an instruction manual on how to re-think this tool.

Let’s Talk About the Web

It’s no secret that the internet is constantly evolving to monitor our online behavior—this way, the internet can predict what we’ll surf, what our specific tastes are, and get a feel for our opinions, too. In essence, the internet is building a space that only shows us what we want to see.

But think about us—those consumerist habits of ours are actually costing us something precious. Our privacy.

Whether we know it or not, we’re deeply intertwined into the sticky web of cyberspace—but it’s time to finally liberate ourselves.

When I discuss the Unhackable paradigm shift, I’m really talking about a unique process that lets us balance new technology and the existing human condition in a way that lets us be on the web but not of the web.

By the simplest definition, it’s a way for us to create a viable partnership with technology without letting it control us.

Protecting our data is on the line and ultimately, the two main goals we want to accomplish are privacy and security—so what can be done to liberate ourselves to be free of the web?

The Twelve Checkpoints for Restoring Original Programming (While Filtering Malicious Intent)

Think of this strategy as a bridge that provides a safe space over a raging sea (AKA, the internet). This methodology is purposeful in its design to free people from the stickiness of the world wide web.

Whether you feel it or not, internet connection is a manipulative and powerful force that affects the character development of people, and this can be seen in professional, public, or private settings.

Though the internet is undoubtedly the greatest invention of our time, it’s also turned humans into nearly constant internet surfers who feel enslaved to the internet.

These twelve checkpoints you’ll read through are designed to help restore the original programming while filtering out malicious intent and unintended negative consequences that are forced on users through profit-making purposes.

Self-enforced discipline comes with time and knowledge, so, consider this your first deep dive into the knowledge of web freedom.


Admit that technology has enslaved you—you’re data-driven. Ask yourself, could you turn off your datadriven life for two whole days? Three?


Understand that you’re connected to the world—we’re all connected. Our actions affect each other. Therefore, your dependence on the internet affects you and everyone around you. Do you verify the validity of an email before you open it?


Creating a quality of life that’s not dependent on technology takes control. Do you have it? Can you communicate without technology and be mindful at all moments?


Are you aware of your environment while connected to protect your privacy and security settings online?


Do you stop to read license agreements? Do you have the resolve to uncover internet deficiencies?


Or is your desire to avoid trigger points that generate the cravings of digital life too strong? Can you stop clicking on pop-up ads?


Can you control technology, or does it control you? Are you seeking knowledge of how your digital patterns influence your daily routines?


Do you want to make the necessary changes needed to stay away from questionable things online? Do you have the willingness to learn and grow?


How can you modify your online behavior? What new routines and modifications can affect your digital footprint?


Will you continue with those ongoing patterns and be in full control? Are you ready to stop the tracking of your sensitive data?


Can you dedicate the time to make the necessary changes you need, like constantly changing your passwords?


Collaborate in a unified fashion and take control of your sensitive data—ask, are you ready to manage your own data and keep your personal information private?

Let’s Sum It Up—How Can You Work Toward Freedom

Restore your freedom and your security by educating yourself. Free yourself from all data gathering information, controls, online intelligence, and more. Raise yourself beyond the failures of today’s technology.

Reconstruct your private and offline identity. Create transformational mindfulness that can help you to learn to control technology and not have technology control you.

Finally, rebuild a life online by looking through a new, different lens. Outmaneuver the processes of today and reclaim your digital freedom!

Let’s Do This!

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