Cybersecurity in the Digital Age: Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats

As the world becomes increasingly digital, cyber threats are becoming a major concern for businesses of all sizes. According to Gartner research, by 2025, 60% of organizations will use cybersecurity risk as a significant determinant in conducting third-party transactions and business engagements. This means that businesses must take proactive measures to protect their systems, data, and customers from cyberattacks.

What Is Co-Managed IT? Is It Right For You?

When it comes to IT solutions, most businesses rely on one of three options. They have a dedicated in-house IT employee or team, an outsourced managed services provider (MSP) or nothing at all. There is, however, a fourth option: co-managed IT. 

This hybrid option gives you an on-site IT manager or a small team AND access to an off-site IT services firm.