Cell Signal Booster

I’m sure you’re tired of losing your cellular phone signal when you walk into your office. Building construction plays a HUGE role in this challenge. Metal buildings originally started out being the only buildings with these issues. However, with every cell phone generation release, it seems to be getting worse. It’s not just your imagination! Green Buildings are the newest challenge. Many of these newer buildings have LEED glass in them that dampens the signals even more than old glass. Then you still have to penetrate the concrete walls, wood, insulation and so many layers of building material. All this to make them more energy-efficient. That means MORE to interfere with the cell phone signal as well. There is a solution to poor cell phone signals in your office building. With a properly installed signal booster, your entire office or entire building could have flawless cell phone signals once again! BYE BYE Dead zones! Your Business Solutions has installed hundreds of these devices for our clients. We can also help you with your Business Phone Systems (VoIP), Video Surveillance (Cameras), Cybersecurity, or other Network Support. We’re here to help! Your Business Solutions has the US-Based Helpdesk and Managed Services that you’ve been looking for! Call now and ask for Clint!

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