Mar 12, 2021

Customer Service

Do you get frustrated when you call customer service for IT Support and communication are difficult or utterly impossible? Your Business Solutions believes in the importance of communication, breaking down the barriers, and paying attention to our customers. We do not outsource any of our Helpdesk or Tech Support so that we can ensure that we provide our clients with the best customer service experience available. If it is important to YOU, it's important to US. If you need help with your Business Phone Systems (VoIP), Video Surveillance (Cameras), Cybersecurity, or other Network Support, We're here to help! Your Business Solutions has the US-Based Helpdesk and Managed Services that you've been looking for! (713) 277-7799


Mar 10, 2021

Winter Storm URI Disaster Recovery Planning Clint Brinkley Your Business Solutions

Winter Storm URI brought unprecedented freezing temperatures to Texas. While North Texas is no stranger to cold temperatures, Houston rarely ever gets snow. As for Galveston and further south, well that is extremely rare for them to get ice or snow. As business owners we need to be prepared for disasters. Disasters come in so many forms from the frequent Tropical Storms and Hurricanes to occasional fires, floods, and the most overlooked threat, Your STAFF! Staff disasters far eclipse the number of disaster incidents than all others combined!


Feb 24, 2021

California Companies moving to Texas Clint Brinkley Your Business Solutions

More California companies plan to relocate their headquarters to Texas. California companies take advantage of moving to Texas for our lower tax benefits, vast affordable land, and typically mild winter weather which enables year-round construction.

Nov 19, 2020

Clint Brinkley Your Business Solutions CEO - Apathy

Clint Brinkley talking about the problems with apathy. Apathy in life, government, business, and cybersecurity.