Is The DarkWEB A Serious Threat To You?

February 26th, 2019
Is The DarkWEB A Serious Threat To You?

This is truly a question that ONLY you can answer, so let’s see if we can do that here and now!

Should your Social Security Number be known by everyone around you?

Do you want anyone to have open access to your financial information like your bank accounts or credit cards?

Are all of your passwords extremely difficult? Or are they “password”, “12345678” or a child/pet’s name?

Does the company you work with (or worked with in the past) use ADP? Paychex? Or Ceridian for payroll?

Do you now or have you ever had a Gmail, Yahoo or AOL account?

Not close enough to home yet? What about your child’s Stream account or Fortnite account?

This is only a 1/100 of 1% sampling of the threats on the DarkWEB.

How does this effect you? Do you want to spend every free moment you have closing accounts, resetting passwords or forcing your children to stay off those games that all their friends are playing? No, you can’t while trying to remain sane. Your information is already out there. Changing your password or using a New/Different email account isn’t going to accomplish anything except wasting your personal time.

Hackers are relentless, egotistical and outright sociopaths. They work every day to breach businesses of every size. They may not even know who you are but the fact that they found your network online and could get through the firewall is all they care about.

Once they have accomplished their initial goal, the fun for them is only just begun. They will take anything they please then even upload viruses and ransomware to your network. When they find any information they like and can use, they immediately like to capture it and post it all over the DarkWEB. Why? Its their arrogance. They want and NEED to brag about the accomplishments to their peers to elevate their status in the Hacker community. One hacker breaches a Credit Union, another must breach Bank of America to ONE UP them. One Hacker breaches a small city municipality, the next hacker must hit a State or Federal facility!

Why does this matter to you? This is your information, your livelihood! They will use any and all information to intentionally ruin life’s, just because its fun for them. Sick? Yes! But this is the world we live in today.

Don’t be naïve and think this won’t or can’t happen to you.

Still not convinced of the urgency? Are you willing to be the NEXT person to get fired from your job for being stupid or irresponsible by not addressing security issues? What about the people falsely arrested for criminal activity on their accounts that wasn’t actually them? Or maybe you just get turned down for that new mortgage on the dream home that you’ve been planning for years… all because a hacker took and sold your personal information.

Now that you know, the next step is to get the education you need to protect yourself, your family and your business!

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